What Can I expect?

Image by Annie Spratt

Our first session will give us with an opportunity to meet and provide you with the chance to see what it would be like for us to work together moving forward. Before our appointment, I will have emailed you a copy of our working agreement. This is a contract which we both sign, agreeing to the terms of our work together. In our first session, if you have any questions about any of the points included, we can look at these together.

After this, we can then begin to explore what brings you to counselling and consider where the centre of our focus is. It may be in this first session that you’re not entirely sure what to talk about and that’s perfectly okay too. Someone once told me that counselling is a bit like a puzzle, we can tip all the pieces out in whatever order they come and then work to fit them together. This means nothing has to be in a nice neat order, there’s no right or wrong and we can see what comes up for you.

Individual sessions are 50 minutes and my usual practice is to meet weekly. I offer open ended counselling so the number of times I see you will be dependent on you and your individual need. This is something that can be agreed between us when we first meet and reviewed as we progress


I am also able to offer shorter term work or work which is more solution focused. Within this type of session, we would be focused more on your goals and finding ways to help you move forward.  


What types of Counselling are there?