How do I store your information?

Image by Victoria

Individual contact details are kept securely on my personal devices which are encrypted and password-protected. Any paper notes are kept securely in a locked cabinet, which only I have access to. These notes will not be shared outside of any legal and ethical requirements that I have as a qualified counsellor. This will be explained further in my client agreement, given prior to therapy commencing. 

I can use email to communicate with people about appointments and payments however, please be aware that email is not considered a confidential medium of communication. If you are at all concerned about the security of emails then please do not use this to send sensitive information.

If you choose to contact me via the form on my contacts page, please note that Wix will act as a Processor of your information and are not considered a Controller of your information. If you would like further details on their privacy policy then this can be found here. You are also welcome to email/text or call me if you have any concerns regarding this method of contact. 

What type of Counselling do I do?